Speech and Language

Laura Edwards SALT

Our Commissioned ACE Speech & Language Therapist Laura Edwards , provides increased levels of support for Children & Young People referred by the Schools and Early Years Settings within Mid Tendring, who present with Speech & Language Communication Needs.

Children, Parents & Schools will be provided with outreach localised support, advice and training to increase understanding, identification and promotion of speech and language. Children & Young People who have a Speech & Language Communication need, will be receive increased numbers of direct contact and appropriate interventions, which are relative to the needs of the child when and where they need it delivered in a localised way.

Laura works closely with her statutory colleagues to assist in the smooth planning and implementation of prescribed programmes of work for children and young people and supports the school professionals working with the children to implement them.

Settings will be supported to enhance and enrich their environments in respect of communication, and staff will receive training to promote and develop speech, language and communication skills.

Referrals to the commissioned Speech & Language service should be made using the usual ACE Online Gateway referral system : https://communitygateway.acecic.co.uk/

If you wish to Contact Laura or arrange for her to come into school :

Telephone on: 07852918291

Email : laura.edwards19@nhs.net


To access the Security Compliance Document, with details of all DBS numbers, Insurance & Professional Registration etc. Please CLICK HERE  Speech & Language Compliance Checklist  and use your MTEP Password