Welcome to the online home of Mid Tendring Education Partnership, Essex.

The object of our charity is to support disadvantaged children and young people from 21 schools in the Mid Tendring area. We provide a range of services to support the children and their families. These include, family support workers, counsellors, speech therapy and a range of training opportunities.

We work collaboratively for the advancement of education for the public benefit of the children and young people and families in the Mid-Tendring area. We do this to improve their life chances and outcomes. In all we do we strive to cultivate an ethos that enables and encourages a positive educational experience and a genuine interest in life long learning.

The Trustees and MTEP team ensures that all work is delivered in accordance with the Charity Commission’s guidance on public benefit. We strive to provide opportunities and activities which will benefit our children, families and communities by increasing their relevant capabilities, competencies, skills and experiences. Extra Curricular Activities offer enhanced opportunities for learning outside the school day providing after school clubs for subjects such as gardening, cooking, sports, I.T, Arts & Crafts, Language, and Drama etc.

We also work to promote and increase access to community facilities including school facilities outside of the school day- providing increased opportunities for families to access local support services that can provide information, advice and guidance to improve the knowledge, understanding and experience of the parents, children and families.

The services that we broker and deliver are carefully selected to develop and teach our MTEP families to seek their own solutions to removing barriers. By removing these barriers are families are able to improve their moral, spiritual, cultural and mental development. They are better prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of society. We work to encourage an environment in which our families can enjoy learning, reflect, improve and grow in confidence. We are ambitious for our families and our expectations of learning are high.

We our proud of our culture of collaborative learning that builds on the diverse experiences of our families.

If you’d like to find out more, please do get in touch. Our details are on our contact page.