Brief Solution Focused Therapy

Michelle Find Your SparkOur Psychologist Michelle Shavia – from Find Your Spark, provides Parents of children attending MTEP schools with Brief Solution Focused Therapy. Solution-Focused brief therapy – is an approach to psychotherapy based on solution-building rather than problem-solving. Although it acknowledges present problems and past causes, it predominantly explores an individual’s current resources and future hopes – helping them to look forward and use their own strengths to achieve their goals.

Who can benefit? Solution-focused therapy has been found successful in helping a vast array of people, including parents with communication difficulties, stress and anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, behavioural problems, eating disorders and relationship difficulties to name a few.

Parents will be provided with four confidential 1:1 therapy sessions to begin to build on strengths and help parents to become unstuck. A small change is all that is needed to make a big difference.


Are you feeling stuck? Do you want change?

Are you motivated to make said change?

And do you want a different approach to create this change?

Parent Feedback & Quotes

“It has helped my confidence, happiness and motivation, attitude and behaviour, I am now more open to help. I am more comfortable opening up and talking about things I have never spoken about”

“It has helped to have some guidance and strategies to put in place. It has helped my confidence, motivation, happiness, life goals, vision, behaviour and attitude. ” Parent is now back volunteering and it feels god to be socialising. Parent is also taking care of herself. Parent said that her daughter had hugged her and told her she loved her – which is the first time in a ling while this has happened.

“It has been helpful knowing that there is support and being able to talk things through. It has helped my self-belief, confidence, vision, goals, happiness, motivation, happiness, motivation and attitude, I feel more positive”

MTEP Schools can download a referral form to access support for Solution Focused Therapy by clicking HERE.: Brief Solution Therapy Info Referral form GDPR

Contact Michelle on : 07834 552 514

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