1:1 Child and Family Counselling

Child & Family Counselling

MTEP engages BACP qualified Counsellors to work with our children and their families. The Counsellors assist with varied emotional and practical difficulties and help empower families through learning new skills and coping mechanisms to help them move forward and deal with future family difficulties.

The Counsellors work with the child and parents separately and together as required over an 8 week period, providing up to eight 1:1 counselling sessions along with Family Therapeutic work, Behaviour Management and Art Therapy. Children and families will achieve an improvement of their understanding and managing emotions, through examining and exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviours, recognising issues and making changes. Counselling enables children and families to recognise problems that they have dealt with in the past and utilise and build on those skills to help manage themselves and their families in the future.

The Counsellors put the children at the heart of their care and support them to deal with personal challenges, including loss, bereavement and anger and assist parents to make changes at home to routines or behaviours to achieve calm and consistent parenting therefore helping children to feel secure and effect an improvement in the child’s behaviour. The Counsellor will work with children to help increase their aspirations and goals to help them remove obstacles and achieve their full potential.

Feedback & Quotes

“The counselling my daughter had  was amazing. the Counsellor has such a wonderful manner with children. She was clear, age appropriate and understanding giving my daughter definite strategies to deal with her anxieties which hopefully she will use as tools throughout her life. We felt at ease and held by her during the process. Thank you very much”

“I can’t praise the counsellor highly enough as she has helped my child a lot and it has helped me understand him a lot better”.

“The role play really helped me think about things differently. I feel more positive about my future now. Teachers have told me how well I am doing which has made me feel more confident

We currently have  a team of Counsellors as below:

  Stacey Cole            Emma Youngs                  Kelly Rothery        

Stacey Relate            Emma Youngs          New Photo

 Georgie Addington      Jenna Francis             Karen Chivas                      Debbie Hardy 

    Georgi Addington Photo          Jenna Francis Photo       Karen Chivas Photograph           Photo     

Angela Noble                  Jane Smith              Ebony Ford               Samantha Franklin  


Photo thumbnail_IMG_1672

      Ebony headshot (1)        Head Photograph      

Natalie Aylott (STUDENT)   Trudi Newcombe            Elise Ellis ( STUDENT)           

NA Photo              Photo 20211011_135234            Photo                                             Jo Stephens                                  Chloe McDonnell 

IMG ERTS headshot (1)             IMG_7078      

MTEP Schools can download a referral form to access Counselling support click here COVID 19 UPDATED COUNSELLING REFERRAL FORM 2020

Completed Signed referrals should then be emailed VIA EGRESS SWITCH to; liz.pickford@brightlingsea.essex.sch.uk


To access the Counsellors Compliance Quality Assurance Document, with details of all DBS numbers, Professional Registration etc. Please CLICK HERE Counsellors Compliance doc 2