Parenting Programmes

Triple P Parenting Programme

MTEP is an approved delivery partner for the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® (Triple P) which is a leading evidenced based programme, with more than 35 years of ongoing research, delivered in more than 25 countries.

Evidence-based parenting programmes, such as Triple P, have been shown to reduce child problem behaviour and improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and parents. Triple P has been highlighted in NICE guidance for the treatment of conduct disorder in children under eleven, as the first-line treatment for ADHD in children under five and in treatment of children under 12 years with a learning disability and behaviour that challenges. Triple P is also recognised in a number of positive evaluations by the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF).

Triple P Online (0-12 years)

Triple P Online is designed for parents to complete sessions in their own time on a computer, tablet or smartphone. It introduces users to Triple P’s 17 core parenting skills – simple strategies to encourage positive behaviour and to prevent and manage misbehaviour. The programme teaches parents to apply these principles to specific situations and includes strategies for partner support and coping with stress.

MTEP Family Workers can provide parents with personal login details to enable parents to complete  the online programme in their own time. The video-enriched programme aims for a balance of simplicity and interactivity to promote parental engagement and completion of the programme. Each parent receives a certificate upon completion.

Key features of the programme:

  • Mentor introduces and summarises modules
  • Video clips of families in action
  • Interactive exercises
  • Individual goal setting, feedback and weekly check in
  • Downloadable worksheets and podcasts
  • Personalised and printable parent workbook
  • Review and reminder strategies (text messages, emails)

To find out more please email : or speak to your MTEP Family Team.

MTEP recognises that where conflict between parents is frequent, intense and poorly resolved, it can harm children’s health, social and educational outcomes – regardless of whether parents are together or separated. Furthermore, the risk of conflict between parents is higher at crucial points in family life, such as loss of employment, becoming pregnant, having a baby, a child starting or changing school, or separation and divorce.

MTEP is therefore delighted to endorse the Parenting Together programme, which aims to provide parents in Essex with new evidence based interventions to resolve or manage conflict in ways that remove or limit the adverse impact it has on children. If you would like to apply for a place on this programme please speak to us or visit: