Play Therapist

MTEP engages PTUK qualified Play Therapists to work with our children to provide an evidenced based psychotherapeutic provision.

Play is a child’s natural way of expressing themselves. Instead of talking through what is troubling them, they can use play to express their feelings and emotions. Play Therapy is integrative, working with the consious and unconsious to work with the child holistically with whatever they bring to the session.

The therapy sessions in school will benefit children experiencing social and emotional difficulties . Children are provided with 12 sessions usually lasting 45 minutes , where they have as access to creative materials to include sand, clay, paint, puppets, dressing up and music. This specialist approach ensures the therapist meets the need of the child , and a trusting relationship is formed, and the child feels listened to and understood. With weekly therapy the child’s emotional regulation improves, appropriate self-expression is empowered and the need to act out or internalise emotions is alleviated.

Who benefits from Play Therapy?
Play Therapy can support individuals facing challenges, including those with:

  • Anxiety and anxious behaviours • Experience of displacement
  • Attention Deficit Disorder • Experience of life shifts
  • Autistic tendencies • Experience of trauma
  • Bereavement or loss • Family separation
  • Difficulty maintaining peer relationships • Experience of abuse
  • Disadvantage • Insecure attachment style
  • Low-self esteem • Poor attendance
  • Challenging behaviour Hypervigilant dispositions

The Impact of Play Therapy

90% of children present improvements in their disposition

81% of children assessed make significant improvements in disposition and readiness to learn

Feedback & Quotes

We currently have  a team of Play Therapists as below:

Paula Stubbs Nikki Davis Kimberley Hammond Claire Dunlop

Completed Signed referrals should then be emailed VIA EGRESS SWITCH to;

MTEP Schools can download a referral form to access Play Therapy support click here

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