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This service has been developed in response to the increasing numbers of children and young people presenting with more complex and enduring psychological difficulties. Frank Pearson – Psychotherapist and Psychological Analyst will provide Psychotherapy for our children and young people with more severe, complex and persistent mental health difficulties and disorders. MTEP children referred to the service will receive: Up to 12 weeks support per child to include:

  • 1:1 Psychotherapy Sessions
  • Full Mental Health Assessment
  • Full Mental Health Report
  • Representation at TAC/Professionals Meetings

Children who would benefit from Psychotherapy include: children with more severe mental health difficulties and disorders, who have tried CBT and Counselling with little or no improvement. Psychotherapy is more in depth that counselling and explores the past as well as the present. Psychotherapy looks at childhood root issues instead of just behavioural patterns.

Feedback – School Inclusion Manager

Frank, I have just had feedback from ‘mum’ who said she was so pleased that he responded to you so well yesterday.  Mum has not felt so positive for a long time and said she was really surprised and pleased that he responded to you.-

MTEP Schools can download a referral form and COVID 19 Face to Face Consent to access support from the Child Psychotherapist by clicking HERE.:  GDPR Updated Psychotherapy Child & Family Referral Form   Coronavirus 1

COVID 19 Updated Psychotherapy Child & Family Referral Form

Contact Frank Pearson on: 07983207561


To access the Security Compliance Document, with details of DBS , Insurances & Professional Registration etc. Please CLICK HERE Child Psychotherapy Compliance Checklist