Performance Related Clinical Supervision

Performance Related Clinical Supervision

Mid Tendring Education Partnership is pleased to be working with Frank Pearson (psychotherapist & psychological analyst) to provide Performance Related Supervision for Head Teachers and Senior Leaders of our Member Schools.

Performance Related Clinical Supervision (PRCS) – unlike performance Supervision which focuses on the technical side of practice e.g. targets, operational issues, strategic planning; PCRS exists to enable the professional to raise any issue that in their opinion is affecting their performance, confidentially with an independent, objective, qualified therapist.

PCRS enables professionals to have time to reflect upon their thoughts and feelings and work towards either change or acceptance of their situation in ways that they’e able to live with, without fear of staff or their employer being aware of the content of their discussions.

Process – In order to achieve the best from the PRCS sessions it’s advisable that the supervisee reflects upon the following points:

  • Prior to arrival the supervisee would benefit form asking themselves about their priorities; what issues they wish to raise and what they hope to get from the session.
  • Within the session consider stress factors – reflection on the main stressors both directly and indirectly affecting performance
  • Consider experiences or issues with external agencies, staff, learners or families
  • Time Management reflection.

MTEP Schools can download a referral form to access support from Frank Pearson clicking HERE: PRCS Flyer

More Information on the service and how to refer can be found by clicking HERE:

Contact Frank Pearson : Tel : 07983207561


To access the Security Compliance Document, with details of DBS , Insurances & Professional Registration etc. Please CLICK HERE  Child Psychotherapy Compliance Checklist