Family Support

The MTEP Family Team provide our families and member schools with a comprehensive package of support. Requests for support vary and can include help with a child’s behaviour at home and or school, dealing with melt downs & anger, parenting support, boundaries and routines, family functioning, diagnosis support and facilitating school /home relationship.

The team can support requests for help and undertake a range of assessments with children to include Pupil Perceptions and Child Class Observations. In addition the Family Workers can coordinate and attend Professional Multi Agency and Team around the Child meetings and implement agreed support plans for the child, family and school. Specialist support for families of children with additional needs can be provided through contributing to assessments for developmental disorders, Education & Health Care Plans and One planning for the child concerned. Behaviour Management support and strategies can be delivered to include SMART Thinking and Positive, Assertive, Confidence Skills (PACS) for targeted vulnerable pupils. The Family Support Team are also trained facilitators who are able to co-deliver Parenting Programmes.

Our Family Support Worker – Hannah Joyce (Trainee Social Worker) hannah.png provides early intervention, support, advice & guidance to parents on a consensual basis; to improve outcomes and behaviour for children and increase parenting skills and capacity within families to help them function effectively. Hannah works with families on a consensual basis to provide easily accessible locally delivered expert advice and support to parents and children, delivered in a variety of methods to include, home visits, advocacy, group work, Telephone Support, Parent Drop in Sessions in School and provision of Parenting Courses and Workshops to address issues and identified needs along with signposting and referrals to additional services.

Contact : 07807 800690


Julie ANn

Our Additional Needs Family WorkerJulie-Ann Morgans provides specialist support on a consensual basis for Parents and Carers of a child with an additional need – in both mainstream and special schools who have sought or are seeking a diagnosis. Julie-Ann works with parents to gain a better insight and understanding of their child’s condition and can recommend strategies and resources to help, including visual timetables, rewards and sensory exploration. Julie-Ann provides support to request assessments for potential developmental disorders (ADHD, ADD, ODD and Autism) and can contribute to assessments and Education & Health Care Plans. Observations of children in school and home environments can be undertaken and reports provided to support findings. Parents can be supported to obtain Paediatric appointments and Julie-Ann can accompany parents to attend the appointments if required. Often parents do not have sufficient knowledge about their child’s condition and are not provided with this information on diagnosis, we can provide practical support and resources to ensure that families are aware of any help available, advocating and promoting equality of access.

Contact Julie-Ann: 07807 798973


MTEP Schools can download a referral form to access support from the Family Support Team by clicking HERE.: covid-nhs-track-trace-fsa-referral-form-

To access the Security Compliance Document, with details of DBS numbers, Insurances & Professional Registrations etc. Please CLICK HERE MTEP Family Support Team Compliance Check List  and use your MTEP Password

Parent Feedback & Quotes

‘We asked for help with our son A as we were having some issues both at home and school. The family Worker was really helpful and proactive and gave us guidance, support and offered strategies for home and school. This has all had a positive effect on A and he seems a lot happier now. I would not hesitate to ask for help should we need more advice’.

‘We can’t thank you enough for all your support and for providing L with such a fantastic start to her education. Socially, emotionally and academically she has made progress that we couldn’t have dreamed of and it’s all testament to your wonderful support’

“You have been such a help and support to our family. We were having a really tough time but with your help, support, reassurance and guidance – we are getting there! Thank you