Theraplay Therapist & Dyadic Psychotherapy

Theraplay Team

We are fortunate to have one of only a handful of UK qualified Theraplay Therapists and Dyadic Development Psychotherapist – Steve Layzell who offers therapeutic interventions for our children and families, along with colleagues Leanne Stevens and Tom Layzell. Theraplay is a therapeutic 12 week 1:1 programme of interactive play for children and young people aged 4-19 years, who have experienced trauma. Trauma is defined as an experience that the individual interprets as beyond their ability to cope. Access to Theraplay is on a voluntary basis and is available for all children and families with a wide variety of problems, including:

  • Children who are withdrawn
  • Children with depressed behaviour
  • Children with aggression
  • Children with phobias
  • Children who have difficulty socialising and making friends SEN e.g. ADD, ADHD and autistic spectrum

Theraplay can be used where children and young people and their families are at crisis point and the relationship is at risk of breakdown, possibly leading to children and young people being taken into care. Dyadic Development Psychotherapy is delivered alongside Theraplay, as a family centred approach to strengthen attachment and resolve trauma. At its core is the use of a safe setting where a child can begin to explore, resolve and integrate a wide range of memories, emotions, current experiences that are frightening, shameful, avoided or denied. The therapist and parent/caregiver work to provide attunement to the child. Full family assessments are completed upon entry which can be fed into more specialist assessments where required. During the assessment the child is given the opportunity to tell their OWN story through the use of ‘Story Stems’ in a 1:1 with the Therapist.

Quotes & Feedback

‘We cannot believe the difference at home, we are all a lot happier’ – Parents

“I am happier at school, I can now read facial expressions, I have more friends – child

‘Its wonderful she is letting us care for her now’ ‘She is much more at ease with herself’ ‘We have learnt so much to help us not only during the intervention but for us to continue at home. We feel lucky to have been able to have the experience, to deepen our relationships with our daughter where we can be there for her for ever’’- Parents

‘I have loved coming to see you but I do not want it to end, I will miss you’-Child

MTEP Schools can download a referral form to access support from the Theraplay Therapist by clicking HERE.:   CAF Form

Theraplay Information and details on how to refer can be found by clicking HERE: Theraplay Referral Info

Contact Steve Layzell : 07828725891


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